Rip up your birth plans!

Hey you gorgeous human being! 


How are you doing?


Today I am here to discuss your birth plan.


I am going to invite you to go to your birthing bag or your desk or wherever you keep it and……….dare I say it……RIP IT UP!!!


Yes, you heard me correctly


This is a shout out to all women up and down the country and all over the world to rip up their birth plans……..


But not for the reasons that you might think..


Over the years, I hear quite often that people are told not to make a birth plan, that there is absolutely no point, because nothing goes to plan anyway.


Who is going to know what you want?


I think that is a really dangerous recommendation.  If you don’t write down what you would like to have happen in your ideal scenario then who is going to know how to give you what you want?


So, the reason I think you should rip up your birth plan is more about the mindset that we tend to make plans in…..let me explain


Planning your next holiday?


Imagine you have a flight booked to the destination of your dreams and the flight leaves at 6.30am. You will make a plan to ensure you get to the airport at least 2 hours before departure, right?


You will set the alarm, book the taxi, you get the idea. 


However, if things DON’T go to plan, say your taxi is late or your alarm doesn’t go off, and you end up arriving late at the airport, missing your flight, then you might say that your plan has failed and feel really disappointed. 


You might wonder if there is anything else that you could have done and think that ultimately the plan just has not worked……and that is my issue with making birth plans.


They tend to feel quite rigid and so x, y and z has to happen otherwise it hasn’t worked.


Unfortunately, birth just isn’t like that. 


You need to be able to be flexible and moveable and go with the twists and turns because ultimately we never know exactly what’s going to happen.


Feeling confident that you are going to be able to meet whatever is presented to you on the day is a much healthier mindset to be in.


So although I don’t think you should be making plans as such, I do think it’s a really good idea to think about your birth preferences.


Your preferences allow you to be more flexible and moveable depending on what you are presented with on the day 🙂


Approaching things in this way will really free you up to being more open to the possibilities. It will also empower you to feel much MORE in control because you have thought about different scenarios.


What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments below.


If you would like to learn more about how to roll with the natural twists and turns of labour

(which is a much healthier mindset in which to approach planning or preparing for your birth)

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Sending love


Sabrina xx


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