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Today I am lifting the lid on negative thoughts and offering you three ways that you can deal with them during your pregnancy and beyond.




Negative thoughts can get the best of us at the best of times. It’s perfectly normal and we cannot be expected to be thinking positive thoughts 100% of the time, that just would not be normal!


During pregnancy it’s even more common and in fact normal for negative thoughts and fears to creep in. 


You are not alone with this! Feeling worried about yourself or the baby and getting stressed out about it is not unusual at all. 




The problem arises when you start to feel like your worrying thoughts and anxious feelings are starting to get out of control. 


Perhaps you feel like your thoughts are stuck in a worry loop and you can’t quite break free from it. 




When we are fearful during birth we produce high levels of adrenaline, which then prevents the body from responding optimally for the birth. 


It is these fears about birth that tend to go into the labour room and so it’s super important to break the worry loop/cycle now before you get there.


The best course of action, therefore, is to acknowledge that you are having fears, release them and let them go.


Here are three really easy and very simple techniques that you can put into practice TODAY that will help you to release some of these negative feelings and emotions and will make a massive difference to the way that you FEEL when it comes to your upcoming birth.




  • 1 Write down your fear/worry on a piece of paper and then come up with three reasons why this is irrational or unlikely to feature in your birth. 

Then think of three other ways that you can respond to that occurrence in a positive way. 

Next, take a nice deep breath in, and visualise that fear floating out of you and into the atmosphere. 

I like to use a scale of 1-10 to help clients rate how they are feeling. 

Rate yourself when you look at your list again. If your rating is high (above a 4-5) then do the process again until you are closer to a 3-4.


  • 2 Listen to your fear release MP3 (if you are signed up for a course then you will have access to these), which work at a deeper level to speak directly to your subconscious. 

Listen to it at least once a week or whenever you feel those feelings start to bubble up.  If you are not already a student of mine, why the hell not!!??? 


  • 3 Visualise your perfect birth. 

One of the first steps is to consider what you would like to experience and how you would like to feel when the big day comes. 

Give yourself some time to daydream about your calm and gentle birth as if it has already happened, really FEEL it as well as seeing it. 

Then go grab your journal and write it down! 

Remember to use positive language. It might take a few attempts to get clear in your mind what sort of experience you want, but once you are happy with it, use it to help with your visualisations. 

You need to be day dreaming about this on a regular basis!



Don’t let fear and worry derail your pregnancy.  Remember, Hypnobirthing is not about achieving a perfect birth that goes exactly to plan. Hypnobirthing is about creating a positive experience with whatever birth you have on the day, because birth is unpredictable. 


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Please let me know how you get on, do share your comments below 🙂 


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