Moving from fear to freedom – it is possible

Hello Beautiful

This week I stepped into the unknown and have started my journey as a fully-fledged full-time business owner! For years I have practiced my business on the side whilst holding down a full time (very full on) job, raising my family and being a straight up badass super woman!


The thing is, I realised about a year ago when I went on an amazing retreat in Barcelona, that this was not a sustainable model. I was literally kidding myself that conducting my life in this way would bring me any kind of happiness – because, quite frankly, it wasn’t! (duh!!)

When I gave birth to my first child in 2006, I got the first twinges, pulls, calling towards working with pregnant women in some capacity. I toyed with the idea of retraining as a midwife and looked at some other options. But these thoughts were VERY brief. I ignored the quiet voice coming from my heart and returned to work after 6 months off (it was only 6 months of paid MAT leave in those days).


Roll on 3.5 years and I am pregnant again with baby number 2. This time I get to take a whole 9 months off for MAT leave and in that time, I hear the calling again. I listen, and decide to go and train as a breastfeeding supporter. I loved breast feeding and wanted to help other women who may be struggling with it – it seemed like a no brainer to go and find women to help. I also purchased an online course to train as a doula and antenatal teacher (I never even started them – online courses were very new to me back then)


And…. guess what. I got scared again (and this is all on a subconscious level by the way) and returned to work. Luckily, I was doing a job that I loved, working with teenage parents, so returning was easy as I could use my newly learned knowledge to support my teen mums and keep that niggling voice at bay!

Spurred on by these feelings of happiness I felt when engaging in this area of work I decided to look into hypnobirthing as an area I could train in, which I went on to do a couple of years later. It took years and that’s the thing, when you ignore the voice that’s telling you what you need to do to progress.


And so it began, working with pregnant women as a side hustle while being miserable in my day job (I had changed jobs by then and was working in a Local Authority).

So roll on 2017 when we decide to leave London and re-locate to Nottingham. Surely this is the time to reflect on what I truly want and make a go of it. New city, new home, new everything? Nope – Fear steps in again and tells me that starting again with building up my networks will take time and I need to be earning so…..another full time job beckons.

Why did it take me so long to really listen to my calling? Why did I ignore my heart for over 10 years! When I look back at that time, I do so without judgement. I do so, knowing that I have still learned a LOT in that time, about myself mostly, but also about others things and other people.


In 2019 I hired a coach and retrained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and this has been a game changer! I did some deep work on myself during that coaching and training, and looked hard at my programming. Using the tools that I now use to help others, I was able to see where my stories were coming from and how to re-program them in order to bring about a more permanent shift.

Learning how to listen to my heart more and to trust my gut has also taken a lot of practice and is something I will always keep practicing until the day I leave this earth.


And so why have I decided to share all this with you today? Because moving from Fear to Freedom takes courage and a willingness to believe that anything is possible.  This goes for all areas of your life, including when you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy can instill the fear in you and these fears are often based on outdated beliefs that no longer serves you.

Tracking these beliefs back to where they may have started is one of the steps that will take you towards being free from those fears. That’s what I did and it has changed my life. I am feeling so grateful to be able to have the time and the space now to give my clients all the help and support that they need. They now have all of me as their therapist and coach and not just the small part of my brain that I was able to give them before.

Drop me a message if you would like to find out more about how to work with me. I am here to serve.

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All the love

Sabrina xxx