Meghan’s birth plan causes chaos with the Royals!!

Hello Lovely lady,

I saw an article the other week (and many others like it with silly headlines) and I had to give a little chuckle at the way Hypnobirthing is being portrayed by the media. To be honest though, that’s not what has prompted this post today. What I got to thinking about is the motivation for Meghan to take this decision.

She strikes me as a pretty chilled out kinda lady, but when it comes to pregnancy, it can bring up all sorts of deeply held fears & beliefs that she may …not even have known were there. Maybe shes thinking, F**K!! I’m going to be a mum, I’m going to grow a human and try to push it out of my hoo ha, its gonna hurt, I’m gonna be in so much pain..AAAHHHH!!!

Well maybe she didn’t say any of that, but if she did, I would say that what she is feeling is a perfectly normal reaction to the mind blowing news that a baby is on its way. I would say its ok to feel the fear, as long as you actively seek ways to overcome them.

Hypnobirthing will do so much to help change Meghan’s mindset and effect positive changes in how she views her pregnancy, labour and birth. She will learn tools and techniques that will help her feel calm and relaxed whatever turn her birth takes on the day and most importantly, to address and let go of any fear she may be holding on to. I say good on you girl!! I truly think this will be one of the best decisions she has ever made (apart from marrying a prince of course ) xx