Madonna spoke to me last night…

Hello Beautiful!

I have been a diehard Madonna fan since she first burst onto the scene in the 1980’s (man I feel old!). She is a strong female who says what she wants and doesn’t take any sh*t from anyone. I like her bravery in being who she is, true to herself, without compromise.

As I lay in my bed last night, some of her song lyrics started drifting through my head, she was speaking to me:

“What you need is a big strong hand to lift you to your higher ground, Make you feel like a queen on a throne Make him love you till you can’t come down” – Madonna, Express Yourself

Why would these lyrics pop into my head? What is the significance of this? And then it hit me! The work I do with you beautiful pregnant women is like a big strong helping hand. I really want to help lift you up so that you are able to step into a higher version of yourselves. Once you reach that higher ground of understanding and enlightenment, believe me you really will feel like a queen up there on her throne and because you will love that feeling of confidence so much, you literally will not want to come back down – Boom!!

Thank you so much for your wise words Madonna 🙂 I know there’s a lot more where that came from…

My lovelies, I am there for you, to give you that little push, that little nudge towards having the birth that you want and deserve. A birth without fear. So step up and allow me to support you to reach your full potential. And if you’re a Madonna fan like me you won’t mind if I play a bunch of her stuff, rather loudly so that we can get into the groove (see what I did there :-)) and rock your birth together.