Birth Preparation

Have the birth that you want through Self Hypnosis and Ante-natal education

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are reading this you may already have decided that you want to feel more empowered and less fearful when you give birth to your baby. Perhaps you have some concerns about your upcoming birth, or have had a previous birth experience that didn’t have the outcome you wanted. Let me tell you a little bit about Relaxation for childbirth and all the other good stuff you will get with this course.

A positive and empowering experience

Whatever your reasons for arriving here, preparing for your upcoming birth using tools and methods rooted in self-hypnosis and deep relaxation will have an amazingly positive impact on yours and your baby’s life. Let’s consider now how can it help you. There are a lot of negative messages out there about birth and how it is experienced. This is largely down to what we see in the media, perhaps our own experiences and sometimes what we hear from family and friends.

Learn these simple, yet powerful techniques

Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation for childbirth (also often referred to as Hypnobirthing) works to help undo those negative messages and replace them with positive ones. It teaches you simple, yet powerful techniques that will help you to birth without fear and trust your instincts as it is primarily fear that blocks the hormones we need that give us natural pain relief during labour. This method will teach you deep relaxation using self-hypnosis and breathing techniques that will ensure that once labour begins your body will instinctively do what comes naturally.

So Calm and relaxed

After taking this course you will feel excited, super confident and looking forward to the birth of your baby! You will also feel calm, relaxed and empowered to have the birth that is right for you. Please get in touch to discuss your circumstances and find out what the course can do for you.

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