What’s involved…..

This course teaches simple yet powerful techniques to undo negative messages and replace them with positive ones that will help you to birth without fear. Once completed, you will feel calm, confident and empowered to have the birth that is right for you. Sessions covered includes:

Session 1 – The Mind Body Connection

  • The science behind how your brain works and get the lowdown on hypnosis and how it can help you
  • Learn The Calm Birth School breathing techniques that will be your best friend on your baby’s birthday
  • What’s really happening in your body once you go into labour (the physiology)
  • Releasing Subconscious fears around labour and birth 

Session 2 – Making your nest

  • How to Visualise in order to increase your chances of a calm birth
  • Creating the safest, most comfortable birthing environment – in the hospital, your home, or even a hotel suite – and how that can result in a quicker labour 
  • Some vital things to consider when selecting and working with your care providers
  • Your birth companion’s role and how they can help distract and relax you – they LOVE knowing they have a clear role to play!
  • Your birth preferences and how to create your birth plan

Session 3 – Your Physical and Emotional needs

  • The importance of keeping active in your pregnancy
  • Why some women have to be induced, what inductions are, what you can do to avoid them, and how to manage them if you do need one 
  • How to start bonding with your baby even before he or she is born
  • Special circumstances: a positive birth does not have to be a natural birth – I’ll give you the lowdown on how to navigate situations that may arise if you don’t have a straightforward delivery, so you’re not left in the dark.

Session 4 – Mastering your Calm birth Plan

  • How and when to use each of the techniques that you’ve learned 
  • Early stages of labour – What the 7 signs are that tells you labour has begun
  • The dreaded question: Will I poo all over my partner or the birthing pool?! I will share the real truth! 
  • “The baby’s out, now what?” – understand exactly what happens directly after birth

What Else Do You Get?

  • The Calm Birth Method Book Written by Suzy Ashworth
  • Downloadable Relaxation & Hypnosis MP3’s with additional ones written by me, just for you
  • Handouts and Resources that come with the course and more
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group – Your Birth Your Way – Birth Preparation and Post Natal Support with Sabrina for ongoing support in the community
  • Access to ongoing support from me in between sessions via Email/Telephone/Messenger on Facebook or Instagram/WhatsApp
  • Gift bag with hand picked items just for you 

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