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Birth Preparation Classes and Post-Natal Support that will help you go from scared and anxious to calm and confident as you prepare for pregnancy and new motherhood

I want to know more about preparing for birth and motherhood

Are you tired of feeling scared, confused and anxious about your upcoming birth?

Perhaps you have found yourself here because you have finally decided that you need to get a grip, get out of your own head and stop the spiral of thoughts that are unhelpful and causing you to feel confused and overwhelmed. 

  • You have accepted that this baby is coming and so now you realise that you want to face your fear, do the work, and address these anxious feelings head on.
  • You feel its time for you to take control of your mind and your emotions so that you can start looking forward to your labour and birth and meeting your baby. 

Prepare for the birth of your baby with grace and ease using the calm birth method and post natal support that is tailored to your needs*

The Calm Birth Method will help you to fully prepare for the birth of your baby with grace and ease – if you’re willing to do the work – You can take back control of your destiny and have the calm and gentle birth you desire with your birth companion/midwife by your side. You can also feel assured that, after your baby arrives the support does not end there.

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ALL courses and tasters will be delivered online only via Zoom. This means you can continue to access support from the comfort of your sofa!

How to Prepare for your birth

Whatever your reasons for arriving here, fully preparing for your birth using self-hypnosis will have an amazingly positive impact on yours and your baby’s life. Let’s consider now how can it help you.

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Course Breakdown

After taking this course you will feel calm, relaxed and empowered to have the birth that is right for you. Read more and find out what this course can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "I found out about hypnobirthing briefly through my midwife. So I searched the internet and found Sabrina. Sabrina was so welcoming and made us feel so comfortable. My husband and I learnt a lot about going in to labour the importance of breathing in a short space of time. When the day of my labour approached we were more than ready. I was able to successfully use the hypnobirthing techniques and have a completely natural birth without any pain relief."

    Christina and Rodney
  • "Firstly I need to thank you as the hypnobirthing was a total and utter life-saver! I was so calm leading up to the birth. The birth itself was incredibly quick, I had a few days of pre-labour and the breathing techniques you taught me really helped. I'm still using my calm breathing as we get the hang of breastfeeding so thank you again for all the tools and techniques you gave us. It's been amazing."

    Charlotte and Mike
  • "The breathing 100% worked and I am feeling really positive about my birth. I felt really empowered because I knew I had choices. Thank you so much for all of your help and support."

    Caroline and Paul
  • "I never in a million years thought that I would be excited about giving birth, it’s always something I have been terrified of. But now it’s a completely different story! I think I’m more excited about the labour and meeting my boy than anything else, and that is down to you and your course. So THANK YOU!"

    Vicky and Sam
  • "Absolutely rocked my birth!!!!! And Sam got so many compliments on how amazing he was as a birth partner... a few of the midwives said they'd never seen anything like it!"

    Claire and Sam


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